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Best Quadcopter For Beginners 2016

What is the best beginner quadcopter? For anyone that want’s to start flying quadcopter the first question always is what quadcopter should I buy? There are so many options to choose from and with such a high range of options choosing a beginner quadcopter isn’t easy. Being

Drones That Follow You – Follow Me Drones

Throw up a drone into the air and it automatically starts following and recording your every movement. That’s possible today. The future is here and you can find your very own follow me drone. Some examples of these self flying drones are the Lily Camera and Hexo

Syma X5C Explorers Quadcopter Review

These days, the use of drones with cameras seems to be becoming more common. And with various models out in the market today, there is certainly something for everyone, beginners and professionals alike. Whereas before the use of drones was limited to the military, today it’s a

DJI T600 Inspire 1 Quadcopter Review

The DJI Inspire 1 quadcopter, the most elite of the drones. The Inspire 1 was made for the pro’s yet it’s just as easy to fly as it’s previous DJI brothers.  It’s one of the top of the line drones however it does not come in at

Parrot Bebop Quadcopter Drone Review

One of the most technology advanced drones in the market is perhaps the Parrot Bebop quadcopter. It’s highly popular due to how unique it is compared to other drones. One of it’s biggest features is that your smartphone can act as a controller and can fly the drone.

UDI 818A RC Quadcopter Drone Review

One of the biggest questions asked is what is a good beginner quadcopter drone? The UDI 818A is an example of a good first beginner drone. It includes features which greatly reduces the learning curve for beginners such as the Intelligent Orientation Control and the return home

Drone Registration Guide 2016 – All you need to know

Well it’s all over the news. We’ve all heard it by now, the FAA is now requiring you to register your drone with them. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) say’s that drone registration is required to prevent having drones incidents and to prevent people from flying drones

Drone Buying Guide – Best Drones for 2016

Drones are everywhere. They have even caught the eye of the government. Huge companies are starting to invest in them. Amazon is working on making deliveries by drones now! If that isn’t crazy then I don’t know what is. I have prepared this guide to hope fully

Holy Stone F181 RC Quadcopter Drone Review

A review of the Holy Stone Quadcopter. It is already evident that technology is taking over every industry. For the past few years, we’ve all witnessed different pieces of machinery being introduced into the market, all in the name of latest technology. One of these latest pieces